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2023 Signed Legislation

House Bill 1 – Feed Bill

Senate Bill 6 – Hermits Peak-Calf Canyon Fire Recovery Funds

Senate Bill 364 Legislative Stationery Prohibitions

House Bill 9 Unlawful Access To Firearm By Minor

Senate Bill 1 Regional Water System Resiliency

House Bill 27 Breast Exam Health Coverage

House Bill 95 Renewable Energy Office In State Land Office

House Bill 127 Education Assistant Salary Increase

House Bill 130 K-12 Plus Program

House Bill 274 American Asian, Pac. Islander & Hawaiian Day

House Bill 298 Public Project Revolving Fund Approps.

House Bill 342 Education Savings Plan Uses

Senate Bill 381 NM Housing Trust Fund Bonding

House Bill 7 Reproductive & Gender-Affirming Health Care

House bill 148 Early Childhood Dept. Tribal Agreements

House Bill 201 Extend Certain Board Sunset Dates

House Bill 370 Surprise Billing Protection Act Sunset Date

House Bill 377 Tourism Dept. Marketing Excellence Bureau

Senate Bill 47 Driver’s License Suspension Penalties

Senate Bill 68 Electronic Motor Vehicle Documents

Senate Bill 3 Family Income Index Distributions Flexibility

Senate Bill 26 Excess Oil & Gas Funds To Severance Tax Fund

Senate Bill 64 No Life Sentence For Juveniles

House Bill 31 No Publication Required for Name Changes

House Bill 207 Expand Human Rights Act Scope

Senate Bill 9 Create Legacy Permanent Funds

Senate Bill 53 Storage of Certain Radioactive Waste

Senate Bill 72 Create Wildlife Corridors Fund

House Bill 4 Voting Rights Protection

House Bill 53 Delivery of Necessary Diabetic Resources

House Bill 75 Chiropractic Services Insurance Coverage

House Bill 78 Aviation Fund GRT Distribution Sunset

House Bill 106 Increase Public Employee Pension Max

House Bill 115 Home Inspection Licensing Examination Changes

House Bill 116 Active Duty Nat’l Guard as State Employees

House Bill 134 Menstrual Products in Public School Bathrooms

House Bill 141 Concerns of Police Survivors License Plate

House Bill 145 NMMI Legislative Scholarship Program

House Bill 169 Disclosure of Legislative Ethics Complaints

House Bill 175 Crime Reduction Act Changes & Fund

House Bill 179 Filing of Liens With Property Owner

House Bill 180 Electronic Storage of State Records

House Bill 186 Disabled Veteran Property Tax Proof

House Bill 195 Forest Conservation Act Amendments

House Bill 198 Career Tech Funds for Indian Ed Schools

House Bill 209 Health Professional Loan Repayment

House Bill 232 Disclosure of Certain Info

House Bill 255 Employee Leasing Benefit Plans

House Bill 267 Restricted License Experts

House Bill 269 Fed Info For Commercial Driver’s Licenses

House Bill 270 Emergency Suspension of Trucking Laws

House Bill 280 American Indian Ed Tech Assistance Centers

House Bill 287 Driver Safety Awareness License Plates

House Bill 314 Cannabis Record Expungement

House Bill 337 Early Childhood Dept. Background Checks

House Bill 364 Alcohol Delivery, Licenses & Ad Money

House Bill 389 No ID Card Fee for Homeless Individuals

House Bill 424 Apprenticeship Council Appointive Authority

House Bill 449 Displaced Worker Eligibility

House Bill 525 Public Peace, Health, Safety & Welfare

House Bill 533 Public Peace, Health, Safety & Welfare

Senate Bill 4 Healthy Universal School Meals

Senate Bill 43 Intimidation of Election Officials

Senate Bill 120 Open Enrollment for Military Children

Senate Bill 144 Santa Fe State Office Building

Senate Bill 145 State Police Retirement Changes

Senate Bill 146 Tax Administration Changes

Senate Bill 147 Tax Changes

Senate Bill 155 Use of Telecomm fund for Broadband

Senate Bill 176 Acequia Fund for Disaster Response

Senate Bill 178 Tobacco Fund Not a State Reserve Fund

Senate Bill 188 Official State Aroma

Senate Bill 200 Regional Water Project Procurement

Senate Bill 210 Nat’l Guard Death Benefit Act

Senate Bill 215 Establish Crime of Bestiality

Senate Bill 240 Tax Exempt Organization Tax Audits

Senate Bill 248 Probate Court Changes

Senate Bill 271 Equine Definition

Senate Bill 355 Delay Part of Local Election Act

Senate Bill 368 Law Enforcement Body Cam Exception

Senate Bill 397 School Based Health Centers

Senate Bill 425 County Detention Facility Treatment Programs

Senate Bill 19 Law Enforcement & Public Safety Telecomm

Senate Bill 20 Educational Retirement Board Changes

Senate Bill 21 Educational Retirement Board Changes

Senate Bill 29 Medical and Geriatric Parole

Senate Bill 31 Guardianship Changes

Senate Bill 35 Anesthesiologist Assistants Change

Senate Bill 41 Local Telecomm Carrier Changes

Senate Bill 69 Electric-Assisted Bicycle Definitions





Senate Bill 131 Public School Funding Changes

Senate Bill 132 STI Prevention & Treatment

Senate Bill 160 Transfer Transportation Functions from PRC

Senate Bill 168 Death Pronouncements By Nurses

Senate Bill 181 Opioid Antagonist Warning Requirements

Senate Bill 205 County Hospital Gross Receipts Tax

Senate Bill 216 Bankruptcy Exemptions

Senate Bill 302 Judicial Standards Commission Oversight

Senate Bill 310 Crisis Triage Centers

Senate Bill 315 Interstate Compact On Child Placement

Senate Bill 324 County Assessor Certification Pay

Senate Bill 327 Approval of Econ Development Projects

Senate Bill 332 NMFA Public Project Revolving Fund Projects

Senate Bill 336 Use of Racetrack Funds for Insurance

Senate Bill 337 Water Security Planning Act

Senate Bill 442 Increase Elected Official Salaries

Senate Bill 452 Broadband Changes

Senate Bill 471 Refusal of End-Of-Life Options Act

House Bill 8 Creative Industries Division in EDD

House Bill 15 Public Peace, Health, Safety & Welfare

House Bill 35 Free Cultural Services for Foster Families

House Bill 40 Nontraditional Communication Registry

House Bill 62 Limit Car Sale Locations & Sellers

House Bill 73 Biomarker Testing Insurance Requirements

House Bill 76 Judicial Education SVCS Fund & Admin

House Bill 79 3-Year Insurance Premium Rate Hearings

House Bill 83 Podiatry Licensure Changes

House Bill 90 Controllable Electronic Records

House Bill 139 Eliminating Court Fees

House Bill 142 Generating Facility and Mine Remediation

House Bill 160 Broadband Infrastructure

House Bill 161 Intertribal Indian Ceremonial Association

House Bill 170 Telecomm Act “Cramming” Definition

House Bill 181 National Board Certified Program Units

House Bill 182 Add Camino Real as Official Spanish Paper

House Bill 191 Increase Early Childhood Fund Transfer

House Bill 197 Increase Free Fishing Days

House Bill 199 Increase School At-Risk Index

House Bill 226 Instructional Materials & Procurement Code

House Bill 228 Improvement Special Assessment Act

House Bill 229 Insurance Adjuster Bond Exclusion

House Bill 240 Acequia & Community Ditch License Plates

House Bill 250 Corrections of Real Property Recordings

House Bill 253 Nonprofit Gaming Changes

House Bill 262 Transfer Connect NM Grant Program

House Bill 304 Public Employee Retirement Needs Trusts

House Bill 353 South Campus Tax Increment Development Dist.

House Bill 357 Law Enforcement Workforce Building Fund

House Bill 366 Additional Disabled Veteran License Plates

House Bill 368 Pass-Through Entity Tax Credit

House Bill 379 Local Gov’t & Refrigerant Use Bans

House Bill 384 Social Worker & Veterinarian Licensure

House Bill 395 Dev. Disability Support Provider Employees

House Bill 401 Rename Technology for Education Act

House Bill 407 Disposition of Deceased Next of Kin

House Bill 446 Long-Term Care Facility Dementia Training

House Bill 459 Horse Breeder Fee Distributions

House Bill 462 Nuisance Penalties & Procedures

House Bill 466 Ethics Commission Jurisdiction

House Bill 481 Align School Reading Materials

House Bill 527 Public Peace, Health, Safety & Welfare

Senate Bill 13 Reproductive Health Provider Protections

Senate Bill 17 Dental Insurance Changes

Senate Bill 58 Interstate Stream Commission Members

Senate Bill 71 Organ Donation Discrimination

Senate Bill 107 Custody Hearings Within 72 Hours

Senate Bill 143 Nonprofit Gaming Machine Payouts

Senate Bill 206 Forestry Division Procurement Exemption

Senate Bill 232 Health Insurer Provider Info & Reimbursement

Senate Bill 351 Legislative Council Members in Interim Comms

Senate Bill 383 Public Ed. Background Check Process

Senate Bill 392 Game & Fish Outdoor Youth Programs

Senate Bill 450 School Coach CPR & AED Training

Senate Bill 468 Dolores Huerta Day

Senate Bill 474 School District In-Lieu-of-Taxes Payments

Senate Bill 485 Non-emergency Medical Transportation

Senate Bill 491 Health Premium Tax for Law Enforcement

House Bill 131 Prosthetic & Custom Orthotic Device Coverage

House Bill 234 Robbery & Organized Retail Crime

House Bill 306 Purchase of Firearms for Another

House Bill 400 State Administered Health Coverage Plan

House Bill 505 Capital Outlay Projects

Senate Bill 50 Right to Repair Act

Senate Bill 133 Catalytic Converter Sale Records

Senate Bill 307 Licensed Teacher Prep Affordability

Senate Bill 309 Capital Outlay Reauthorizations

Senate Bill 389 Tourism Dept. Sports Authority Division

House Bill 02 General Appropriation Act of 2023

House Bill 547 Public Peace, Health, Safety & Welfare Tax Changes

Senate Bill 7 Rural Healthcare Delivery Fund

Senate Bill 16 Create Health Care Authority Department

Senate Bill 51 Cost-Sharing Contributions for Prescriptions

Senate Bill 153 Publication of Supplemental Appropriations

Senate Bill 192 Additional Appropriations and Confidentiality

Senate Bill 523 Medical Malpractice Changes

2022 Signed Legislation

House Bill 2 – General Appropriation Act of 2022

Senate Bill 213 – Capital Project Reauthorizations

Senate Bill 212 – Capital Outlay Projects

House Bill 153 – General Obligation Bond Projects

House Bill 68 – Criminal Code Changes

House Bill 7 – Opportunity Enterprise Act

Senate Bill 138 – Medical & Health Care Gross Receipts

Senate Bill 41 – College Research Park & Econ. Dev. Act Changes

House Bill 167 – Tribe & Pueblo Car Excise Tax Credit

House Bill 163 – Tax Changes

House Bill 102 – Entity Level Tax Income and Payment

House Bill 67 – Tech Readiness Gross Receipts Tax Credit

House Bill 46 – Family Representation and Advocacy Act

House Bill 39 – GRT Deduction for Nonathletic Special Events

Senate Bill 140 – Opportunity Scholarship Act

Senate Bill 134 – NM Housing Trust Fund

House Bill 191 – Professional & Occupational Licensure Changes

House Bill 135 – Indian Family Protection Act

House Bill 60 – Native American Language Certificate Salaries

House Bill 8 – Land Grant-Merced Assistance Fund

Senate Bill 141 – Emergency Filling of LP Gas Containers

Senate Bill 150 – Credit for Reinsurance Act

House Bill 95 – Health Easy Enrollment Act

Senate Bill 35 – Appointment of Temporary Guardians

Senate Bill 40 – Health Care Quality Surcharge Act Changes

House Bill 104 – Venture Capital Program Act

House Bill 144 – Commercial Driver’s License Requirements

House Bill 148 – Small Business Recovery Loan Applications

House Bill 180 – Repeal Part of IPRA Law on Notarial Act

Senate Bill 123 – State Racing Commission Sunset Date

Senate Bill 38 – Early Childhood Education Dept. Authorizations

House Bill 164 – Uranium Mine Cleanup

House Bill 22 – Limited English Access to State Programs

House Bill 119 – Adjust Certain School Distributions

House Bill 57 – 2023 Transportation Distribution Calculations

House Bill 43 – Charter School Facility Improvements

Senate Bill 36 – Contributions to Educational Retirement Fund

House Bill 73 – Educational Retirees Returning to Work

House Bill 13 – Teacher Residency Changes

Senate Bill 1 – Increasing Salary for Licensed Teachers

House Bill 132 – Interest Rates for Certain Loans

Senate Bill 159 – Legislative Retirement Changes

Senate Bill 103 – Workforce Solutions Staff Background Checks

Senate Bill 84 – Construction Manager General Contractor Act

Senate Bill 37 – Public Project Revolving Fund Projects

Senate Bill 17 – Auth. Of Certain Water Projects

House Bill 171 – Rural Air Svc. Enhancement Grant Changes

House Bill 56 – Temporary Veterinary Permits

House Bill 42 – Public Project Revolving Fund Projects

House Bill 37 – Community Energy Efficiency Dev. Block Grant

Senate Bill 4 – Prevailing Wage and Fringe Benefit Rates

Senate Bill 39 – Procurement Preferences Changes

House Bill 52 – Harm Reduction Act Amendments

Senate Bill 13 – Missing in New Mexico Event

Senate Bill 12 – AG Office for Missing Indigenous Persons

House Bill 1 – Legislative Feed Bill


2021 Signed Legislation

Second Special Session House Bill 9 – Public Education Commission Redistricting

Second Special Session Senate Bill 1 – Congressional Redistricting

Special Session House Bill 1 – Legislative Feed Bill

Special Session House Bill 2 – Cannabis Regulation Act

Special Session Senate Bill 2 – Expungement of Certain Criminal Records

House Bill 296 – Capital Outlay Reauthorizations

House Bill 285 – Capital Outlay Projects

House Bill 2 – General Appropriation Act of 2021

Senate Bill 377 – General Appropriations & Expenditures

Senate Bill 40 – K-5 Plus & Extended Learning At All Schools

House Bill 112 – Health Benefits for Certain Non-Citizens

House Bill 266 – Special Education Teacher Licenses

Senate Bill 49 – Use of Local Economic Development Funding

House Bill 234 – Strengthen Guardianship Provider Oversight

Senate Bill 8 – Local Government Air Quality Regulations

Senate Bill 317 – No Behavioral Health Cost Sharing

House Bill 20 – Healthy Workplaces Act

House Bill 47 – Elizabeth Whitefield End-Of-Life Options Act

House Bill 51 – Environmental Database Act

Senate Bill 439 – Legislative Staff One-Time Compensation

House Bill 55 – Publication of Capital Outlay Allocations

Senate Bill 93 – Broadband Access & Expansion Act

House Bill 10 – Broadband Development Division

Senate Bill 204 – Rural Telecommunications Act

Special Session Senate Bill 1 – LEDA Changes

House Bill 4 – New Mexico Civil Rights Act

Senate Bill 256 – Fire Protection Fund

Senate Bill 94 – Student Athlete Endorsement Act

House Bill 303 – Unlawful Liquor License Inducements

House Bill 277 – Public Retiree Beneficiary Designation

House Bill 270 – Autonomous Vehicles

House Bill 269 – Medical Record Disclosure

House Bill 261 – UNM Data for Municipality Incorporation Petitions

House Bill 250 – Long-Term Care Dementia Training Requirements

House Bill 245 – Utility Distribution System Hardening

House Bill 244 – Ethics Commission & Secretary of State Duties

House Bill 235 – Insurance Code Changes

House Bill 231 – Native American Polling Place Protection

House Bill 230 – Real Estate Licensure Recovery Limits

House Bill 224 – Community Action Board Changes

House Bill 212 – Remake NMSU-Carlsbad as Community College

House Bill 189 – Community Governance Attorney PGM Max Salary

House Bill 185 – Exempt Over 75 From Jury Duty – No Affidavit

House Bill 179 – Fees for Vital Records for Homeless

House Bill 178 – Counseling & Therapy Licensure

House Bill 177 – Homemade Food Act

House Bill 168 – National Flood Insurance Compliance

House Bill 155 – Workforce Training Residency Requirements

House Bill 146 – Transfer Some Duties to District Courts

House Bill 128 – School Personnel Background & Training

House Bill 125 – Behavioral Health Practitioner Changes

House Bill 120 – Military Spouse Expedited Licensure

House Bill 105 – Electric Generation Project Requirements

House Bill 89 – Healthy Soil Tax Refund Contribution Options

House Bill 76 – EIB Permit Denial for Poor Compliance

House Bill 68 – Space Flight Informed Consent Act Changes

House Bill 67 – Primary Care Council Act

House Bill 66 – Uniform Code Secure Transaction Language

House Bill 23 – Medical School Licensure Requirements

House Bill 15 – Sustainable Building Tax Credit

Senate Bill 410 – Adjustment of Certain Taxes

Senate Bill 365 – Adjustable Rate Mortgage Changes

Senate Bill 345 – Per Diem & Mileage Act Changes

Senate Bill 325 – Department of Transportation Collection of Damages

Senate Bill 304 – Voting District Geographic Data

Senate Bill 303 – Change Education Retirement Board Membership

Senate Bill 273 – Definition of Rural Library

Senate Bill 272 – Military Family Early School Enrollment

Senate Bill 271 – Purple Star Public School Program

Senate Bill 266 – Stagger Certain Judicial Terms

Senate Bill 234 – Lottery for Home School Students

Senate Bill 223 – Cigarette Tax Distributions

Senate Bill 222 – Health Info System Definitions

Senate Bill 219 – No Citizenship Proof for Occupational License

Senate Bill 218 – Uniform Division of Income for Tax Purposes

Senate Bill 202 – Alternate Business Entity Names

House Bill 291 – Tax Changes

Senate Bill 200 – Teledentistry Definition

Senate Bill 193 – Rural Equity Ombudsman

Senate Bill 190 – Developmental Disabilities Planning Council

Senate Bill 187 – Tobacco Settlement Permanent Fund

Senate Bill 186 – Transfer Certain DPS Duties to DOT

Senate Bill 183 – Uniform Collateral Consequences of Conviction

Senate Bill 160 – Judicial Candidates in Voter Action Act

Senate Bill 152 – Continuing Care Aging Contracts

House Bill 31 – Military Justice Code Sex Crimes Definitions

Senate Bill 146 – State Defense Force

House Bill 278 – Manufacturing Services Gross Receipts

House Bill 98 – Omnibus Tax Bill

Senate Bill 279 – Osteopathic Medicine Changes

Senate Bill 145 – Agency Sunset Dates

Senate Bill 144 – Remote Education Technology Infrastructure

House Bill 200 – Water Trust Board Projects & NM Unit Fund

Senate Bill 137 – NMFA Water Projects

Senate Bill 133 – Rural Air Service Enhancement Ask

Senate Bill 129 – Amending Work and Save Act

Senate Bill 124 – Pharmacy Claim Insurance Payment & Process

Senate Bill 42 – Increase Ed Retirement Contributions

Senate Bill 121 – State Transportation Bonds for Projects

Senate Bill 112 – Sustainable Economy Task Force

Senate Bill 106 – Surety Bond for Driver Education School

Senate Bill 96 – Maternal Mortality Case Reviews

Senate Bill 92 – Status of Some Found Missing Persons

Senate Bill 90 – Certain Overtime Pay as Salary in PERA

Senate Bill 315 – Public Safety Officer Retirement

Senate Bill 88 – Public Project Revolving Fund Projects

Senate Bill 84 – Community Solar Act

Senate Bill 77 – Two Plus Two Pilot Project

Senate Bill 73 – Certain Fees to Motor Transportation Fee Fund

Senate Bill 71 – Patients’ Debt Collection Protection Act

Senate Bill 70 – Public Project Revolving Fund Appropriations

Senate Bill 64 – Federally Insured Obligations

Senate Bill 51 – Charter School Enrollment Preference

Senate Bill 43 – Funding of Demolition of Abandoned Schools

Senate Bill 34 – Design and Build of Project Delivery System

Senate Bill 32 – Wildlife Conservation & Public Safety Act

Senate Bill 27 – Preservation of Housing

Senate Bill 21 – Retiree Health Care Act

Senate Bill 20 – Transportation Project Fund

Senate Bill 12 – Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts

House Bill 43 – Black Education Act

House Bill 6 – State Equalization Guarantee Distributions

House Bill 29 – No School Discrimination for Hair

Senate Bill 80 – No School Discrimination for Hair

Senate Bill 140 – Child Support Changes

House Bill 222 – Special Education Ombud Act

Senate Bill 17 – Family Income Index Act

Special Session House Bill 1 – Legislative Feed Bill & Other Appropriations

Senate Bill 286 – Emergency Congressional Election Procedure

House Bill 75 – Medical Malpractice Definitions

House Bill 183 – No Fines or Fees for Some Juvenile Crimes

Senate Bill 35 – Minimum Wage for Secondary School Students

House Bill 157 – Mining Act Forfeiture Fund

House Bill 57 – Prescribed Burning Act

House Bill 52 – Bilingual Multicultural Education Advisory Council

House Bill 22 – Grow Your Own Teachers Act Scholarships

Senate Bill 122 – Non-Pharmacist Use of Insignias

Senate Bill 52 – Extended Unemployment Benefits

House Bill 255 – Alcohol Deliveries

Senate Bill 2 – Waive 2021 Liquor License Fees

Senate Bill 3 – Small Business Recovery Act

Senate Bill 1 – Restaurant Gross Receipt Tax Deduction

House Bill 11 – GRT and Permanent Funds for LEDA Projects

Senate Bill 10 – Repeal of the Abortion Ban

House Bill 1 – Legislative Feed Bill


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