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Gov. statement on presidential election

Nov 7, 2020 | Press Releases

“Over the course of this election season, New Mexicans – and the American people – exercised their right to vote in remarkable numbers. The greatest turnout in the history of our state, and the unprecedented enthusiasm from across the political spectrum, serve as a resounding demonstration of the strength of our democracy. I can’t recall, in my lifetime, a more inspiring affirmation of the power of the people. Our vote is our voice. And we have spoken – loudly and clearly.

“The American people are ready to begin a new chapter. It is time for change, meaningful change; it is time for a wholesale restoration of American leadership, a reinvestment in the American people, a resurgence of pride in who we are and what we can accomplish when we unite, when we love one another and care for one another, our families and neighbors and communities.

“Under the leadership of President-elect Joe Biden, we have the opportunity to now come together as one country and take on the immense challenges we face. We can and will get the pandemic under control. We can and will revitalize our economy. We can and will expand access to high-quality health care for everyone. We can and will reform child care and public education and higher education and ensure everyone has the same shot at a healthy, happy life. We can and will build a more just, a more inclusive society. We can and will do this together – Republicans, Democrats, all of us, because that’s what this moment requires, and Americans will rise to meet the moment.

“It will not be easy, and it will take time. COVID-19 will not disappear overnight. The challenges we face could indeed be exacerbated over the coming months. But Joe Biden is ready. We are all ready. And the larger structural change we need will require hard work and discipline and patience – as all good and worthwhile pursuits do. But as we work every day to form a more perfect union, with honest and compassionate leadership in the White House, I have never had more confidence in our ability to meet the moment and build our country – and the state of New Mexico – back better than ever before.

“I would be remiss if I did not highlight the historic, transformational nature of this successful ticket. Vice President-elect Harris has broken a centuries-old barrier. She has redefined, for a generation of young Americans, what leadership looks like. She will serve our nation with the tenacity and integrity and honest leadership that has defined her already remarkable career in public service. For my grandchildren, and for generations of children and grandchildren still to come in our state and nation, I could not be more proud in this moment.

“The energy and enthusiasm of the people of our great state was on full display throughout this election season. It has been a powerful affirmation of what we can achieve, all together. With President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris, we will bridge our divides. We will heal our grieving state and nation. We will beat this pandemic, we will build back stronger, and we will ultimately emerge from this challenging time – together, stronger, as one.”

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